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About Tel Aviv

About Tel Aviv

Why Visit Tel Aviv, Israel

Vibrant Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, boasting a unique rhythm that mesmerizes all travelers, staying at this outstanding Mediterranean hub. It seems like this metropolis never sleeps, so Tel Aviv can, for sure, have the title of the heart of Israeli cultural life and entertainment.

It is no surprise that Tel Aviv is very popular among tourists as it has everything for a saturated vacation: picturesque coastline, ancient sights of the Old Town, cozy cafes, lively bars, and shopping areas.

Tel Aviv itself is divided into several districts, the most significant of which is the Old Town (Old Jaffa). Jaffa is the major cradle of the antiquity of Israel, which has survived almost intact. Having served as an Egyptian port, recent Jaffa is a tiny stone town, set on a hill and merged with Tel Aviv.

According to the legends, it was Jaffa where Noah built the famous ark. Tel Aviv Old Town is a true open-air museum, featuring stone narrow streets, lots of galleries, 8 churches and an infinite number of tiny cafes. On the east side, Jaffa is surrounded by the legendary Flea Market. The main highlights of Old Jaffa include the Clock Tower and St. Peter's Church, built during the Ottoman era.

One more important landmark of Tel Aviv is its Port or Namal. For the last several years, Tel Aviv Port has as been transformed into a separate "city" of entertainment with theaters, clubs, restaurants, and bars. To enrich your Tel Aviv itinerary, you may also visit the Habima Square - home to the Habima Theatre, Culture Palace, and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. Check out the Great Synagogue, an impressive Byzantine style structure, the Yitzhak Rabin Center, and Yarkon Park.

Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Explore the Old Town of Jaffa
  • Stop by the Clock Tower and St. Peter's Church
  • Visit the Habima Square

If you want to immerse more into Israeli culture, you also can visit the local Camel and Livinsky Markets in order to get delicious Israeli experience.

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