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Why Visit Tirana, Albania

The incredible capital of sunny Albania, Tirana is the city that can certainly surprise you. Most Albanian cities emit calmness, they are a great place to mentally rest and recharge, spend some time alone with your thoughts before heading back to the chaos of everyday life. And that’s exactly what sets lively Tirana apart.

The Albanian capital is bursting with life and seems not to be able to stop. During the day, the streets of the city are overloaded with locals and tourists alike, enjoying what the city has to offer. At night, Tirana transforms and you can explore the different side of it, boasting some of the best clubs, restaurants, and shows in the country.

And there is no better way to start discovering the city gems than a walking tour, covering some of the most interesting sights in the country, including several impressive buildings left since the Ottoman rule, elegant examples of traditional Italian architecture, and several monuments, reminding of the uneasy Communist past of the city. Among them, there are such things as the Pyramid of Tirana, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and numerous underground bunkers you can spot around the city.

You can continue your Tirana itinerary by visiting the National Museum of History, the largest museum of the country. It houses a vast collection of the archeological artifacts, covering the periods since ancient Illyria and till the Postcommunist era. One more thing worth your attention is a great exhibition of masterpieces by Onufri, one of the most famous 16th-century Albanian painters.

One more "must-do" thing during Tirana travel is visiting the breathtaking modern Catholic Cathedral, the lovely Orthodox Church, and the picturesque Mosque which was a starting point of the fall of communism in the country.

Best Things to Do During Tirana Tour

  • Enjoy a walking city tour
  • Explore the National Museum of History
  • Take a picture of the city's Mosque

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