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About Tobermory

About Tobermory

Why Go to Tobermory, Scotland

Lovely Tobermory was founded in the 18th century and started its existence as a small fishing port. Now, 3 hundred years later, it turned into the main village on the Isle of Mull and one of the most picturesque ports in Scotland. Among the first things that the visitors see approaching the city are the famous colorful houses, scattered along the main street, and the picturesque hills, dominating the bay. Despite its rapid growth, the city managed to preserve the old-world charm and spirit of Scotland. It is a great place to spend a day or two, enjoying plenty of wonderful things to explore.

You can start your Tobermory travel with the Tobermory Distillery, listed among the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. Unfortunately, there are no guided tours available there at the moment but if you are interested in the history of the company, you can pay a visit to its visitor center. Also, there is a shop on the premises, offering a wide range of gin and whiskey, including the exclusive 42-year-old Tobermory whiskey, the most precious product of the distillery.

Another great place to visit during your Tobermory trip is the Mull Aquarium, offering to explore the sea life of the area and to take a look at their "Catch and Release" exhibition, the very first in Europe. All residents of the aquarium don't stay there for long. The creatures in the Mull Aquarium are kept for no longer than a month before being returned to the waters of the Tobermory Bay.

History-lovers shouldn't miss the Mull Museum as there is no better way to learn about the history of the region. Apart from the stories about the earliest people and feuding clans, the visitors can learn some local legends, such as the rumor of the Spanish Armada that sank in the city's bay in the 16th century with immeasurable treasure on board.

Top Things to Do During Tobermory Travel

  • Taste the famous Scottish Tobermory whiskey
  • Explore the Mull Aquarium
  • Visit the Mull Museum
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