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What to See on Tours in Tropea, Italy

Being a multi-sided country, Italy is always ready to share its unique legacy and captivating atmosphere to make any of your travel wishes come true. Exceptional historic heritage, legendary cities, mind-blowing natural panoramas, fantastic gastronomy, and, of course, world-class resorts… so many marvels on one peninsula. In case you have already immersed into the charms of Italian history visiting Rome and the main gems of the north, we invite you to breathe out and soak in the relaxed vibe of the Italian south in the sun-kissed seaside resort Tropea.

Located on the picturesque Tyrrhenian coast and considered the resort capital of Calabria, fabulous Tropea is a true paradise, boasting an incredibly emerald sea and white-sand beaches. The foundation of Tropea is shrouded in legends. According to one story, Tropea owes its foundation to the famous Roman hero, Hercules, while the other one says that the city's history began during the period of the Roman Republic when Octavian Augustus ordered to build a trading port in this picturesque harbor. Whoever was the founder, Tropea still pleases the eye of every traveler who has ever set foot on this marvelous land.

Apart from being the main center of beach holidays in Calabria and providing stunning natural scenery, Tropea has some charming corners and landmarks worth your attention if you are planning a Tropea walking tour. For centuries, the Old Town has been the main place of social life and preserves Tropea's main churches, houses of the noble families, and museums.

Strolling along the streets in the ancient part of Tropea, you are likely to see the building of the Tropea Cathedral, the main square Galluppi, and beautiful mansions of the 18-19th centuries like Palazzo Bragho and Palazzo Cesareo. Another must during your Tropea city tour is a promenade along the busiest Tropea street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, with an enviable concentration of bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Walking down the Corso Street you can get to an observation deck, overlooking the coast and the Benedictine Church of Santa Maria dell'Isola. Having an impressive location on the top of a hill by the sea, the 4th-century monastery is indeed one of Tropea's icons and a fascinating photo spot.

Top Things to Do on a Tropea, Italy Vacation

  • Take advantage of the resort opportunities of Tropea
  • Explore the ancient streets of the Old Town and have a walk along Tropea mail street
  • Get inspired by the views from the observation deck by the beautiful Church of Santa Maria dell’Isola
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Enjoy a unique blend of Italian classics coupled with the charms of sun-kissed south in 13 days. Start from the exploration of the country's heart, glorious Rome, moving south to Naples and Tropea. Having explored the charms of the mainland, proceed to off-the-beaten-path volcanic Aeolian Islands and have a grand finale in Sicily.