Turpan, China

Turpan, China

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About Turpan

About Turpan

Why Visit Turpan, China

Located on the country's Western side is one of the most untypical cities in China, Turpan. This historic destination is one of the Silk Road stops, boasting numerous unique sights.

The exceptional city of Turpan offers a perfect blend of cultures, landscapes, and places to explore while in China. Being a major spot on the Silk Road, it features numerous pieces of ancient architecture, as well as a rich historical heritage to discover.

Start your Turpan tour by visiting one of the main landmarks in the city, the Emin Minaret. Beautifully decorated with various patterns, it is actually the tallest one in entire China!

Make your way later to the Turpan Museum to get a glimpse of the extensive collection of archeological artifacts, as well as numerous other exhibitions on site.

Some other monumental places to get acquainted with the history of the area, as well as must-sees during Turpan travel, are the Jiaohe Ruins and the Ancient City of Gaochang, which are both major archeological locations and tourist attractions likewise.

In addition to that, make sure to add the Bezeklik Cave Complex and Flaming Mountains to your Turpan itinerary, as these are undoubtedly sights like no other.

Best Things to Do in Turpan, China

  • Visit the Emin Minaret
  • Check out the Jiaohe Ruins
  • Explore the Bezeklik Cave Complex