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Why Visit Ulvik, Norway

Surrounded by beautiful water, imposing mountains and lush nature, Ulvik is the village you wouldn't want to miss visiting while in Norway. Bustling with tourists, the lovely small town is among the most popular destinations in the area, as the environment is not the only admirable feature of Ulvik. Being an orchard, it blooms with fruit blossom in May and provides with a sweet harvest of numerous local delicacies the following months.

The main activities of an Ulvik tour are mostly nature related, as it is suitable for skiing during winter months, as well as hiking during the warmer time of the year. The village connects the mountainous regions of Hol and Aurland, making it the perfect scenery to enjoy the outdoors. Ulvik is actually situated at the end of the beautiful Ulvikafjord, providing with truly picturesque views of the landscape.

Whether it's wandering around the blossoming farms or strolling around the small yet charming central part of the village, the vivid cultural scene is something undoubtedly worth exploring. Getting acquainted with local customs and traditions is an important part of Ulvik travel; therefore, don't miss the chance to admire the performance of Ulvik Folklore group held in the village hall.

For the ultimate Ulvik experience, make sure to savor the local delicacies of the region. As such, the local Ulvik Cider Farm is renown for holding different tastings as well as for its delicious products: juices, ciders, and other beverages made mainly from apples.

Plus, Ulvik sightseeing also includes landmarks as Ulvik Church, Skeiesmylna Mill, The Hjadlane Gallery of Modern Art and local farm and cider factories, providing with fun pursuits all over the rather small village. It's a must-visit by travelers from all over the world as Ulvik has something special prepared for everyone. Which part would you like to discover first?

Best Things to Do in Ulvik, Norway

  • Traverse local sights such as the Ulvik Church and Skeiesmylna Mill
  • Taste delicious beverages from the Ulvik Cider Farm
  • Enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Ulvik

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