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About Valbona

About Valbona

Why Travel to Valbona, Albania

For most people, Albania means hot sun, sand beaches, and the warm embrace of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. However, if you travel to the scenic village of Valbona in the north of the country, you can explore a completely different side of beautiful Albania.

This incredible place attracts nature-lovers and hiking-enthusiasts from all over the world, offering some of the most stunning views on the planet. Imagine a vast dense forest, wild winding rivers, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes. Now picture all this beauty surrounded by the sheer mountain peaks, covered in snow. Makes quite a picture, right? All of this defines why Valbona is one of the “must-visit” places during an Albania getaway

Among the most memorable ways to start your Volbana trip is making a stop at the Koman lake on your way to the city for a memorable ferry ride. Although nothing can compare to the astonishing beauty of the Norwegian fjords, the amazing sceneries of the Koman Lake come pretty close.

The charming village is a paradise for fans of active holidays and a several-day mountain hike is believed to be the gem of any Valbona itinerary. But if you are not sure that you are up for this kind of a challenge, make sure to visit the Valbona Valley National Park. This experience might not be as liberating, but the views it promises are just as incredible as it’s really hard to put the camera away, following the winding forest tropes. It’s also a great opportunity to explore the extensive Albanian fauna, the park is home to several endangered species, including the lynx, wild boar, and golden eagle.

One more thing you shouldn't miss during your Valbona tour is a trip to Prizren, an amazing open-air museum where you can visit the Lady of Ljevis Orthodox Church, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list

What to Do During Valbona Tour

  • Enjoy a ferry ride across the scenic Koman Lake
  • Hike the Valbona National Park
  • Take a picture of the Lady of Ljevis Orthodox Church in Prizren
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