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About Venice

About Venice

What to See on Venice, Italy Tours

Waterfront palazzos and palaces make drifting down the Grand Canal feel like cruising through a painting. Without a doubt, Venice is one of the most romantic cities on Earth.

The uniqueness of the city goes down to how it was built, actually, the technique of stilts was used to erect Venice, connecting numerous petite islands, divided by dozens of canals.

Those in love or who feel like emerging in the atmosphere of Venice revel in the delicate boat rides down its web of canals. Byzantine and Islamic architecture awaits around every corner. Heart-wrenching operas can be found down hidden alleys off the Grand Canal where a small intimate setting makes up for a pared-down ensemble.

First-time visitors have no trouble finding the key sights around Venice, and the number one place to add on your Venice itinerary is the glorious Piazza San Marco. This is the major square of the city, home to the red-brick Campanile Bell Tower and the unique Saint Mark's Basilica, the appealing architectural style of the cathedral is the Italo-Byzantine with many elements in gold and white.

Standing on the Saint Mark's Square, the Doges Palace (which is the former seat of the city's government) is among other top attractions of Venice worth seeing. Also, take a look at the adjacent limestone Bridge of Sighs (called Ponte dei Sospiri), it used to be the path of prisoners to jail and is a famous city sight.

Did you know that there are over 400 bridges in Venice? The most famous of all Venetian bridges is the historic white Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal. While there, stop by the Rialto Market (Mercati di Rialto), where you can not only enjoy the lively vibe of the city but also purchase some fresh snacks.

One more symbol of the city is the world-renown Venice carnival. Each year in early February the city of canals brightens up with hundreds of people dotting the town in lush carnival dresses and masks. Of course, the number of tourists rises drastically during this month, but if you're traveling in any other time of the year, we suggest getting a Venice carnival mask as a souvenir to bring back home from your trip.

Plus, if time allows, you may go on a day trip to one of the gorgeous cities near Venice such as romantic Verona or the red town of Bologna.

For a more peaceful tour of Venice, Italy, consider exploring quieter neighborhoods at night. It is equally as impressive as walking along the main street of Venice, the Grand Canal, or the aforementioned St. Marks Square. If you're feeling adventurous, look out for one of the hidden restaurants down one of the winding alleys where you can enlighten your senses with some authentic polenta or bigoli.

Best Things to Do on a Trip to Venice, Italy

  • Traverse St. Mark's Square and explore the adorned St. Mark's Basilica
  • Enjoy the Venetian canals as you ride a traditional gondola
  • Take a photo by the charming Rialto Bridge, the best known of all bridges in Venice
  • Stop by Mercati di Rialto, the famous local market

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Top Attractions in Venice

Top Attractions in Venice

Doge's Palace, Venice

Admire the magnificent architecture of the Doge's Palace as you delve deeper into the history of Venice. 

St. Mark's Basilica, Venice

Include the St. Mark's Basilica to your Venice itinerary and explore the wondrous architecture in the city.

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All Attractions in Venice

All Attractions in Venice

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