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About Verdun

About Verdun

Why Visit Verdun, France

The town of Verdun in France may have a sorrowful history, however, it is undoubtedly a must-visit while in the country. Any Verdun itinerary is full of historical monuments scattered throughout the town, depicting the cruelties of the WWI and its longest battle, which took place on the hilly terrain of the town. In addition to that, there are also pieces of architectural heritage from long before that, even though most of it suffered greatly during the war as well, as the city was partially demolished.

One of the most important stops on Verdun tour is the Memorial de Verdun, illustrating the atrocities of the 300-day battle with the help of a display of personal belongings and other artifacts. The memorial also features a replica of the battlefield as it stood at the end of the battle, as well as the ruins of what once used to be the village of Fleury, situated within a short walk down the road.

Another significant war-related point of interest in the town is Tranchee des Baionnettes depicting the gruesome destiny of French soldiers that have been buried alive in their trenches. The site received its name after bayonet tips were seen sticking out of the ground three years after the tragedy. Nowadays this and numerous other memorials mark the locations where people go to pay their respect to those injured and killed during the brutalities of war.

Most of the points of interest in Verdun sightseeing are related to the war in one way or another. Even though erected back in the 17th century, to shelter men and material during conflicts, the Citadelle Souterraine was used during the WWI as well, as it housed thousands of soldiers waiting to be dispatched. By the same token, located in a former palace dating back to the 18th century, the Centre Mondial de la Paix is a museum offering compelling exhibitions related to the war, however, emphasizing peace as well.

Best Things to Do in Verdun, France

  • Stop by the Memorial de Verdun
  • See the Tranchee des Baionnettes
  • Explore the Citadelle Souterraine

Verdun is a place encapsulating a significant part of history, which is not to be forgotten. Visit the town to get acquainted with it yourself and delve into the stories of the past.

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