Vilamoura, Portugal

Vilamoura, Portugal

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About Vilamoura

About Vilamoura

Why Visit Vilamoura, Portugal

Without a doubt, Vilamoura is the sunny paradise of southern Portugal! Located in the picturesque Algarve region, this resort town is famous for its postcard-like scenery, lovely beaches, golf courses, and beautiful marina. It is actually among the most splendid resorts in Europe with some of the best housing options, numerous shops and restaurants, and a bustling cultural scene.

The Vilamoura Marina, one of the main landmarks of the city, is the hub of leisurely activities. With a vast variety of fancy restaurants, bars, and designer shops, it is a great place not only to relax but to treat yourself to some fun pursuits as well. It is the biggest marina in Portugal, berthing over a thousand boats, which make up for one spectacular panorama indeed. Make sure to stroll around and admire the view or take some nice pictures at the location!

Another important part of any Vilamoura tour is golf. Multiple golf courses across the city attract a big number of enthusiasts each year, especially the famous Old Course. Several golf championships actually take place in the city! Although there are many more activities worth trying out while in the area, such as tennis, boat trips, jet-skiing, sailing, for those in luck, the Vilamoura Casino is also a place worth visiting during your Portugal tour.

Unquestionably, an essential part of Vilamoura sightseeing is the scenic coastline. It is simply crucial to explore the beautiful beaches while in Algarve, and the most famous ones in Vilamoura are Praia da Marina and Praia da Falesia. The latter one actually extends to Olhos de Agua, a lovely authentic Portuguese fishing town worth paying a visit to as well. The astonishingly beautiful coastline in Algarve can be further explored on a day tour which is always a good idea when you have a day to spare. Hop on a boat ride to admire the shoreline or visit the lovely little coastal towns in the region, such as Lagos or Sagres.

Food is also an essential part of traveling, so make sure to try out the amazing local cuisine. The one in Vilamoura is based on seafood, with dishes like Camarao, Lingueirao, and Caldeirada being among the specialties.

Take a stroll through the beautiful streets, explore the buzzing cultural scene and regional dishes or simply relax at the beach, Vilamoura travel is full of exciting activities for everyone!

Best Things to Do in Vilamoura

  • Have a relaxing stroll along The Vilamoura Marina
  • Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Portuguese Algarve region
  • Taste local Vilamoura specialties, including dishes Camarao and Lingueirao
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