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Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden

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About Visby

About Visby

Why Visit Sweden's Visby

Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea which has an 800-kilometer coastline with beautiful beaches. Often called Sweden's hidden gem, the island guards Visby, its only medieval town.

The town area is surrounded by a medieval 3-kilometer long city wall defending an assemblage of ancient buildings. The Visby city wall was selected as one of the seven wonders of Sweden along with the entire town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and should surely be addeded to your Visby itinerary.

Plus, this town has the biggest number of churches than in any other Swedish town, there are 15 of them within Visby and 2 outside its walls.

Some other sites worth visiting in the area during a Visby tour include the Maiden Tower, the Love Gate, and Gotlands Museum, featuring some outstanding exhibitions and numerous artifacts depicting the history of not only Visby but Sweden as well.

While exploring Gotland, make sure to taste the local cuisine as well. Treat yourself to some delicious saffron pancakes served with red berries and cream called Saffranspannkaka and take a quick coffee break at one of the numerous cafes in Visby.

The charming island-city attracts tourists especially in August when it hosts its medieval week, filled with authentic costumes, feasts, and jousting.

Best Things to Do in Visby, Sweden

  • Immerse yourself in medieval spirit as you stroll Visby
  • Explore the Visby city wall
  • Visit the Visby Cathedral and historic churches
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