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About Vladivostok

About Vladivostok

Why Visit Vladivostok, Russia

Welcome to the beautiful port city in Russia, Vladivostok! Significant for its location as a commercial port, Vladivostok is also noteworthy for its sceneries and landmarks.

Situated along the coastline lays one of the most renowned sites on the Vladivostok tour, the Golden Horn Bay with an imposing Zolotoy (Golden) Bridge nearby. However, it is not the only significant bridge in the area, as there is another one leading to Russky Island, also a point of interest on the Vladivostok itinerary and home to the Primorsky Oceanarium.

A must while traveling in the city is exploring the vast museum scene. Delve deeper into the history of the area at Arsenev Regional Museum or marvel at the authentic vehicles in the Antique Automobile Museum. Those interested in modern art will most certainly enjoy the exhibitions at Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art, while the Hermitage in Vladivostok is a must for everyone.

While sightseeing, don't miss the chance to also visit the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East located in the central square. Another crucial part of Vladivostok travel is sampling the local cuisine, thus make sure to visit one of the numerous restaurants scattered around the city as well.

The rapidly developing city maintains its rich cultural and historical heritage to this day, alongside a bustling modern lifestyle.

Best Things to Do in Vladivostok, Russia

  • Visit the historic S-56 submarine
  • Get the best city views from the Eagle's Nest platform
  • Stop by the Transfiguration Cathedral
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