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Voss, Norway

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About Voss

About Voss

Why Add Voss to Your Norway Itinerary

Fill your lungs with fresh air in Voss, the adrenaline capital of Norway. Beloved by outdoor sports enthusiasts, it is not only perfect for numerous leisurely activities but for exploring the fascinating nature as well. The beautiful village is located in between the Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord fjords and is surrounded by forested areas, splendid lakes, and imposing mountains, making it the best nature escape for any kind of traveler.

Voss sightseeing is highly influenced by its nature, as most of the activities revolve around it. The mountains nearby are no exception, providing with enough snow to enjoy skiing. You can actually do that at one of the two alpine ski resorts, Voss Resort or Myrkdalen Mountain Resort.

The mountainous terrain is also great for hiking, as it is a popular activity in the area as well. From trails along the Bordalsgjelet Gorge to the ones leading to Bakkanosi, there are plenty of paths to choose from in locations all over the village.

The Bakkanosi hike is actually exceptional in its stunning views from atop the mountain. Upon reaching the highest part, the breathtakingly beautiful sights of Sognefjord and Naeroyfjord open up. By the way, did you know that the latter one is acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Another great way to explore the mountains during Voss travel is biking, however, if you want to witness the beauty of the region from a different perspective, make sure to try out skydiving or paragliding. In addition to that, the village provides with numerous water-related activities as well, such as kayaking and white water rafting or simply enjoying the beauty of the lakes nearby by strolling around. When it comes to the leisurely pursuits in Voss, the choice is truly endless.

Besides the adrenaline-infused activities, Voss tour is one full of unexpected experiences when it comes to local cuisine as well, such as tasting smalahove, a sheep's head served on your plate. Some other dishes specific of the region include a less extreme version of lamb called pinnekjott, cured meat and sour cream porridge.

Will you be brave enough to include sampling the traditional delicacies to your Voss itinerary? Either way, the village is a must-see while in Norway, thus start planning your visit now.

Best Things to Do in Voss, Norway

  • Enjoy the lakeside of Voss and the fjords
  • Engage in outstanding outdoor activities like biking and hiking
  • Taste local delicacies like pinnekjott
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