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About Wicklow County

About Wicklow County

Why Visit Wicklow County, Ireland

Welcome to the magnificent garden of Ireland, Wicklow County. It's an incredible place and one of the most popular hiking areas in the world. Irish nature is gorgeous, no one can argue with that, but what makes Wicklow such a brilliant place to explore is that the county is home to some unique sights and landscapes of the country, including the highest waterfall, largest national park, last surviving monastic gateway, and a place that is believed to be the landing site of the Irish patron saint. So, let's take a closer look.

You can't explore the Wicklow County without visiting the Wicklow Mountains National Park first. Although the park welcomes more than a million visitors each year, it definitely won't feel crowded. It takes up the area of 220 sq km (85 sq mi) and is more than capable to provide you some space to enjoy the spectacular views on your own. The Wicklow Mountains National Park is also the place where you can find the ancient settlement of St. Kevin and its world-famous gateway.

Once, St. Kevin was one of the most powerful centers of religious learning and now it's among the most popular sights in Ireland. People from all over the world come to see the monuments dating back to the 6th century, including St. Kevin's gem - the arched granite gateway to the city.

One more "must-visit" place during Wicklow travel is the beautiful Brittas Bay, one of the beaches Ireland prides itself in the most. It had been awarded the Blue Flag certification, given by the EU to award the best beaches in Europe. What also makes this place special is that it is the supposed landing place of Saint Patrick.

Best Things to Do During Wicklow Tours

  • Explore the Wicklow Mountains National Park
  • Take a picture of the unique gateway to St. Kevin
  • Visit the Brittas Bay
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