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About Xian

About Xian

Why Visit Xian, China

Xian is an ancient Chinese town with more than 3,000 years of history. The original city has existed in the area since the 11th century and was built in 202 just northwest of present-day Xian.

Also known as the "Walled City of Chang'an", Xian was the capital of the Xi Han dynasty and one of the greatest cities of the ancient world. As the capital of a vast empire, Xian soon became an important and thriving center of Central Asian trade which preserved its prestige even after the downfall of the Tang Empire.

The city possesses much cultural and architectural legacy worth including to your Xian tour, for example, the world-famous Terracotta Warriors. This awe-inspiring funerary pottery houses figurines of the famous Qin Shi Emperor.

Another site worth putting on your Xian itinerary is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a well-known Buddhist pagoda built in China in 589 A.D. with layers of bricks without any cement. The famous 60-meter tower originally had 5 stories and was of great importance for the mighty Tang dynasty. It is also known as the place where sutras and figurines of Buddha brought to China from India by the Buddhist translator and traveler Xuanzang were held.

Among the other main Xian landmarks that should be mentioned is the Great Mosque, one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved Islamic mosques in China. It is an important Islamic place of worship in China, covering an area of 6,000 square meters (64583 sq ft). This Great Mosque was built in 742 A.D. and can be divided into four courtyards. Unlike most mosques in the Middle East or in Arab countries, the Great Mosque is a combination of traditional Chinese architecture and Islamic art.

You can also stop at the Hui Minority Market, also known as the "Muslim Quarter", consisting of a number of historical streets. This central area is popular with locals and visitors both for having evening meals and for leisurely strolls in the surroundings of an ancient city and its narrow alleys.

Best Things to Do in Xi'an, China

  • Explore the Terracotta Warriors site
  • Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Check out the Hui Minority Market
All Attractions in Xian

All Attractions in Xian

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