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About Zadar

About Zadar

Why Visit Zadar, Croatia

The city of Zadar in Croatia provides with everything that is great about traveling: alluring sites, authentic culture, beautiful nature, delicious food, and bustling streets full of people enjoying life. It is basically Croatia in a nutshell, making it a must-visit while in the area. Whether you're there for a day or a week, there are still going to be things left to discover in this charming city on the Dalmatian Coast.

Among the most popular destinations in the city is the Roman Forum. Located in the Zeleni Trg Square, which was once a public central market, the ruins date back to the first century BC. The site includes remnants of temples, colonnades, and ruins of multiple demolished buildings. There is also one Roman column bearing an important meaning as a former Pole of Shame used during the Middle Ages. Dating back to the 19th century, the pole was used to chain criminals and leave them on site for public shaming.

Another significant point of Zadar sightseeing is the St. Donatus' Church situated right by (and partially on) the Roman Forum. Built back in the 9th century, the Byzantine-style monument was one of the few that withstood the Mongol invasion, making it an exceptional piece of historical heritage. The unique circular church was built on the old Roman forum, which is now featured on site, as the original floor was removed to showcase it.

Not less impressive is the Zadar Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. It was built in Byzantine style in the 9th century, however, after numerous reconstructions during different periods, the church became a beautiful fusion of multiple styles of architecture, which is now praised by numbers of tourists each year. The Cathedral also features a bell tower, which provides the possibility of climbing to the top and admiring the magnificent views over the city.

The art installations called The Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun are also truly worth exploring. The first one is a musical instrument played by the sea itself with the help of waves hitting the shore, while the latter one provides with beautiful views of light reflecting on numerous glass plates. Both of them together make up for one unique site without a doubt.

Best Things to Do in Zadar, Croatia

  • Visit the Roman Forum in Zadar
  • Explore the historic St. Donatus Church
  • Catch the best city views from the Zadar Cathedral's bell tower

Some other points of interest during Zadar tour are The Church of St. Chrysogonus, Church of St. Simeon, and the imposing City Walls and Gates.

If you're more into nature and would like to enjoy the outdoors, Kornati National Park is the perfect idea for a day-trip during Zadar travel. The city truly has a little something to offer for everyone, now is up to you to decide where to go first.

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