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Zagreb, Croatia

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About Zagreb

About Zagreb

Why Visit the Capital of Croatia, Zagreb

When planning your European getaway, consider adding Zagreb to your Croatia itinerary to enjoy its numerous attractions, picturesque sceneries, and bustling culture. Located in the northwest by the Sava River, the capital of the country is one full of historical heritage as well, thus it all adds up to one fruitful journey.

The whole city might seem like one huge historical monument as it has so much to offer, however, following a rather plentiful Zagreb itinerary all of the sites can be efficiently explored. The best one to start your Zagreb sightseeing with is the Lotrscak Tower. Built to protect the south city gate, the fortified tower dates back to the 13th century and nowadays continues one of the most authentic traditions there is, firing a cannon every day at noon. Legend has it, that a shot fired has once landed by the Turks located on the other side of the river and scared them enough for them not to attack Zagreb. Another version suggests that the blast of the cannon at noon helps the bell-ringers to synchronize the clocks in the churches. Despite whichever is true, it provides a unique experience either way.

Among other impressive sites is Mirogoj, a cemetery considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. Designed by Herman Bolle back in 1876 it features a fortress-like arcade, numerous sculptures, and beautiful tombs. The calm ambiance of the cemetery and lush nature around it add up to a truly memorable experience.

Some other stops worth visiting during Zagreb sightseeing are Trg Bana Jelacica and Dolac Market, both situated in the heart of the city and usually bustling with people. The market is the perfect place to try out local produce and taste some delicacies specific of the city, while Trg Bana Jelacica is the main square, especially popular as a meeting point among locals. It is the perfect location to unwind and watch the world go by or simply relax for a couple of minutes before heading back to further exploring.

Anoter "must" while in the city is also delving into the museum scene, as Zagreb is the city with more museums per square foot than any other one in the world. Some great ones include the Croatian Museum of Naive Art or the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Best Things to Do in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Check out the Lotrscak Tower
  • Stroll along the Trg Bana Jelacica square
  • Taste local treats at the Dolac Market
  • Visit the Mirogoj cemetary in Zagreb

Without a doubt, a Zagreb tour is one that can mostly be done on foot as numerous landmarks are within a walking distance from each other, making for a perfect opportunity to walk around and admire the ambiance in between stops. The broad pedestrian zones are full of cafes and restaurants and are always ready to accept visitors, as are the locals themselves, famous for their Croatian hospitality. Ready to see for yourself?

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