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About Zermatt

About Zermatt

Why Visit Zermatt, Switzerland

If the phrase "Swiss Alps" and everything connected with it makes you extremely excited, we, without a shade of a doubt, would recommend you to visit beautiful Zermatt.

Set gracefully just at the foot of the highest summit of the Alps, majestic Matterhorn, the place will surely become a memorable point on your travel map.

Providing stunning landscapes all around, Zermatt itinerary must include all Matterhorn-related activities for sure. Start with Sunnegga, a funicular taking you to admire some of the most picturesque views over the mountaintop.

Make your way later to enjoy the highest cable car ride in the world, leading up to a Panoramic Platform and the Glacier Palace. Offering numerous ice sculptures, it is surely a one-of-a-kind palace. 

Mind-blowing sceneries, calm streets and cozy restaurants - everything here contributes to a perfect pastime! However, a Zermatt tour is not only about immersing in the gorgeous natural panoramas and taking in the original Swiss vibe. 

The town has gained recognition as a popular ski resort so why not to spice up your Zermatt vacation with a bit of extreme and get the best of local sports opportunities as well? During wintertime, Wolli's Park is one of the most popular locations to do just that, thus make sure to involve in your  Switzerland travel itinerary during your next snowy getaway.

Best Things to Do in Zermatt, Switzerland

  • Enjoy the views of the Swiss Alps
  • Take a ride on the iconic Glacier Express
  • Make your way to the glorious Matterhorn
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