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Private & Small Group Tours of Bordeaux

Perhaps one of the best-known regions in France, Bordeaux, allures travelers with its vast vineyard fields, centuries-old wine cellars, and history-filled streets.
Perhaps one of the best-known regions in France, Bordeaux, allures travelers with its vast vineyard fields, centuries-old wine cellars, and history-filled streets. Many of those who have been on tours to Bordeaux agree that there's no better place in France to combine rich sightseeing with the undeniable opportunity to taste top-notch high-quality wine, possibly the most delicious in Europe.
Browse our collection of Bordeaux France tour packages, designed by travel experts who'll take care of all the hard planning for you! As usual, private airport transfers stays at cherry-picked top-location properties, guided sightseeing tours with local pros, inspiring "must-do" activities, and easy connections between destinations are included by default.

Bordeaux Package Tours by Firebird

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Bordeaux Vacation Packages

Without any doubt, Bordeaux is a must-destination for a real wine lover! The region is world-famous for its best quality wine and vast vineyards. Lying along the Garonne River, it offers romantic sceneries and elegant Neo-classical architecture to witness. If you crave to experience it in the best way, book a private or a small group tour to Bordeaux with us! Our Bordeaux vacations are planned by the best destination experts and contain downtown hotels, English-speaking local guides, and smooth logistics. This perfectly organized trip to Bordeaux will let you feel the authentic atmosphere of the region! In addition to the unique Bordeaux destination, we include more significant French towns and remarkable villages that your Bordeaux vacation package would be fully completed. Check out the Bordeaux tour highlights and travel tips below.

Things To Do & Places To See in Bordeaux

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences in Bordeaux

Learn what you can see in Bordeaux and which activities are a must-include in your itinerary. Create your tour together with a destination specialist choosing your preferred experiences that await you in Bordeaux.

Highlights of Bordeaux tours
  • Wonderful Bordeaux City
  • Palace de la Comedie in Bordeaux
  • A wine tour in Medoc
  • The Museum of Wine and Trade
  • Luberon Village
  • Loire Valley & wine tasting
  • Saint Emilion Village
  • The Place de la Bourse
  • The Water Mirror
  • The iconic Bordeaux Cathedral

Bordeaux Travel Tips

Prepare for your great trip to Bordeaux with our expert travel tips and relish every minute of your exploration.

Architecture in Bordeaux
  • What to pack

    Pack an umbrella for Fall and sun protection for summer. Undoubtedly, take comfortable footwear and clothes.

  • When to travel

    Summer is an idea for visiting sights and wineries. In Fall, wineries do their harvests and some don't allow visitors.

  • Currency

    Local currency might come in handy for small expenses; the local currency in France is the Euro.

  • How much to tip

    Usually, the tip is included in the final bill, but if you liked the service, you can leave 1-2 euros per every 20 euros spent.

  • Climate

    Climate in Bordeaux is mild; the average temperature in winter is 6.53°C (43.75°F) and 20°C (68°F) in summer.

  • Souvenirs

    Some of the most popular souvenirs from Bordeaux are wine, cheese, cannelès, chocolate, Roger & Gallet Soap.

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