Tours of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan

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Tours of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan

Feel like taking a step back in time? Travel to the heart of the Silk Road and discover an eclectic mix of futuristic cityscapes and centuries-old traditions in Uzbekistan, drive through spectacular Tien Shan mountains to meet the locals of remote Kyrgyz villages, and more. Browse select tours to Central Asia by Firebird Tours and build your own dream vacation.

Central Asia Package Tours by Firebird

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Central Asia Vacation Packages

Central Asia is a region many travelers pass by when considering their next travel adventures. We believe that should change. Everyone should experience the best of Central Asia at least once, and we're here to help you have the journey of your dreams. Our escorted tours of Central Asia are the best way to explore the region because we designed them in a way that would relieve you from the planning pressure. We will make sure you have the time of your life in Central Asia, as you will stay at the best hotels, walk around with the most experienced guides and enjoy the program that is tailored to your needs. We will consider every aspect of your trip while you sit back and enjoy the sweet anticipation. Let's begin!

Central Asia Tour Highlights

  • Baitarek Tower, Kazakhstan
  • The Ark of Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  • le-Alatau National Park, Kazakhstan
  • First President's Park, Kazakhstan
  • The Hazrat Sultan Mosque, Kazakhstan
  • Guri Amir mausoleum, Uzbekistan
  • Chorsu Bazaar, Uzbekistan
  • The Darvaza gas crater, Turkmenistan
  • Ertuğrul Gazi Mosque, Turkmenistan

Tips for Central Asia

  • The  climate in Central Asia is very sunny and hot, make sure to have sunscreen on you
  • You might need a visa for your trip, thus start planning in advance and consult your travel specialist
  • The Russian language is the default language in many parts of the region. We would recommend learning a few phrases
  • The right shoes are an important factor in the satisfaction of your trip. Make sure you bring the most comfortable pair
  • Currency depends on your chosen destination. We would recommend having some cash on you as not all places will accept card payments

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