Travel Packages To Central Asia: Tours to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

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Private & Small Group Tours of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan

Set off on a breathtaking journey to nature and fascinating history


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Central Asia

Private tour  |  Nearest Date:

8 days

4 cities

2 countries

Tashkent | Bukhara | Samarkand | Bishkek

Get an insight into the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking nature and fascinating history of the exotic region of Central Asia. A professional tour guide will show you around five stunning cities of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and you will also get to attend a Folklore show. 
Group Rail Tour  |  Nearest Date:
Oct 03, 2018

14 days

4 cities

3 countries

Almaty | Tashkent | Samarkand | Ashgabat

Traverse the path of the legendary Silk Road on a private train in the scenery of 1001 Nights. Attend a concert at world's famous Navoi Opera, witness how silk carpets are made and explore three UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Group Rail Tour  |  Nearest Date:
Apr 16, 2019

21 days

4 cities

3 countries

Moscow | Samarkand | Tashkent | Beijing

Unique Silk Road adventure from Moscow to Beijing through the exotic Central Asian countries on board two luxurious trains. Begin your Trans-Siberian adventure with a guided city tour of Moscow, then board a top-quality train and discover a new city gem of Eurasia at every stop you make, end your trip with visiting the Great Wall of China. 

Set off on a breathtaking journey to nature and fascinating history

Feel like taking a step back in time? Travel to the heart of the Silk Road and discover an eclectic mix of futuristic cityscapes and centuries-old traditions in Uzbekistan, drive through spectacular Tien Shan mountains to meet the locals of remote Kyrgyz villages, and more. Browse select tours to Central Asia and build your own dream vacation.