Private & Small Group Tours to Scandinavia

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Private & Small Group Tours to Scandinavia

Welcome to the land of magnificent fjords, Vikings, and rigid national character.

Scandinavia tours are really amazing. Maybe, even more, amazing than you think. Take a ride on the world's most scenic railway, have an impromptu photo session while sailing past magnificent fjords, savor a wide range of locally brewed beers, and enjoy evening walks along the cozy streets of tranquil Scandinavian towns. Your tour of Scandinavia promises a lifetime of memories! The custom-designed Scandinavia itineraries below are examples of programs that are put together by Firebird Tours' travel experts. As always, the Scandinavia vacation packages include private airport transfers, easy and varied transportation for connections, guided sightseeing tours with local pros, stays at top-notch centrally-located 4 or 5-star hotels, as well as insightful activities, all making for a worry-free once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ready to check off magnificent Scandinavia from your bucket list?

50+ Scandinavian Tours by Firebird

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Scandinavia Vacation Packages

We believe every traveler should put all their focus and energy towards new discoveries rather than trying to navigate the complex Scandinavian rail system for instance. Trust us to plan your Scandinavia itinerary and enjoy stress-free travel in your chosen destination(s), during which everything is taken care off for you already. Scandinavia tours consist of gorgeous downtown hotels, sightseeing with local professional guides, excellent logistical arrangements or to put it simply - smooth and enjoyble tour! Are you ready to book your once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Scandinavia with Firebird Tours? Here are the must-see's and do's as well as some travel tips to help you plan your trip!

Things To Do & Places To See in Scandinavia

Discover things to explore in Scandinavia and plan your trip stressfree

Discover must-visited sights and unmissable experiences in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. Choose from ready-made adventures or allow us to customize a one-of-a-kind private trip for Scandinavia.

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Scandinavia Travel Tips

Start planning your Scandinavian journey with expert tips.

Scandiinavian adventure
  • What to pack

    Bringing a water-resistant jacket, umbrella, and some warm clothes is a must.

  • How much to tip

    Tips to guides and drivers in Scandinavia are not required or expected.

  • Currency

    Each Scandinavian country has its currency. It’s a good idea to have some cash on you for small expenses.

  • When to travel

    For trips during Christmas or Northern Lights, we suggest starting planning as early as six months in advance.

  • Climate

    The Scandinavian climate is unpredictable, and weather can be quite harsh even during summers.

  • Souvenirs

    Each country has their own charming souvenirs like the viking-related items in Norway.

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