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Visit the Fairy Glen for Some Magical Views

Marvel at the beauty of Scottish landscapes while going sightseeing around the Fairy Glen. Situated amid the vast greenery of the Isle of Skye, the site is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting stops on Scotland tours. The hilly terrain of the location provides with fairytale-like surroundings, however, it does not stand in the way of enjoying numerous trails and trekking routes, altered for different types of travelers.

The Fairy Glen is often associated with fairies and numerous other-worldly creatures for a reason (hence the name)! The unique landscape, actually shaped by glaciers way back in the past, was believed to have been formed by fairies that lived inside the tiny fissures in the hills. Whether one believes that or not, it certainly adds a charming twist to the site, making it appear even more magical.

Comfortable footwear is advisable for the tour, for the best sightseeing experience around the site.

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