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Travel in London Like a Local

Take the London Tube to avoid traffic and travel around the city like a local! It is nowadays one of the most efficient ways of getting around, however, it took time and effort to develop the system as seen now. With numerous wonders of engineering coming to life in the city, the first-ever tunnel situated under a river, the Thames Tunnel, was built in London in 1843. Twenty years after, the first-ever underground railway system was opened in the same city as well, which later became the first-ever electric underground railway system in the world.

Did you know that the London Underground consists of 270 stations and 249 miles of train tracks? As a matter of fact, one of the main routes of the Tube, the Central line, is curved following the plan of one of London's medieval streets. In addition to that, despite being called the Underground, over half of London Tube's tracks are located above the ground!

No prior preparation is needed for the tour, however, people with claustrophobia should bear in mind that it might seem like a confined space.

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