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Admire Russian Artwork at Tretyakov Gallery

Delve deeper into the artistic heritage in Russia while exploring the Tretyakov Gallery. Preserving and presenting collections of national art, it houses pieces by Mikhail Vrubel, Viktor Vasnetsov, and more for you to discover. The gallery was founded in the 19th century and is considered to be among the best museums of Russian artwork in the world.

The Tretyakov Gallery was initially a private collection, established by the merchant and collector Pavel Tretyakov who later granted it as a gift to the city, under a few conditions. He requested that the gallery was free of charge for visitors, as well as open at least four days a week, excluding some holidays.

Bear in mind that taking photographs of the temporary exhibitions is not allowed, however non-professional photography is permitted without using additional equipment, including selfie sticks.

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Disclaimer: Some details are subject to change, depending on the tour of your choice.