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Marvel at the Imposing Windsor Castle

Visit the marvelous Windsor Castle, the largest occupied castle in the world. In addition to that, it is actually the oldest occupied castle in the world as well which was home to 39 different monarchs throughout the years. As a matter of fact, it is used to this day by Her Majesty The Queen as a residence where she spends some of her weekends.

During a day tour in Windsor, you will have the opportunity to explore the majestic castle, admire its interiors and the artwork in the lavish rooms, walk around the picture-perfect gardens and visit the St. George's Chapel. When wandering around the premises, make sure to look at the flag on Castle’s Round Tower since the Royal Standard flag indicates that Her Majesty The Queen is actually inside!

Backpacks and large items are not allowed inside the castle and have to be left at the cloakroom.

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Disclaimer: Some details are subject to change, depending on the tour of your choice.