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Germany Travel Tips


Explore the world-famous culture, architectural splendor, and captivating history of Germany along with the rolling countryside, and bustling cities. German holidays offer a wide variety of activities, cultural experiences, and relaxing retreats. Thus, you can enjoy a wide range of activities in Germany. Hence, your trip will be full of exciting experiences and memories worth remembering. To help you prepare for your trip, we've compiled some useful tips, recommendations, and information.

Weather & clothing

ClothingWhat to pack and when to travel
The perfect time to see the utmost beauty of Germany is from May through September. Summer has many advantages, including good weather, snowless alpine trails, long days (it's light until after 21:00), and a bunch of activities. A bit less expensive to travel during spring and fall. Pack light clothes if you are going in summer, and don't forget sunglasses since it is quite sunny.

Money & ATMs

MoneySituation with currencies & cash
You will have no problem managing your travel money in Germany since it uses the popular euro. ATMs are known as Geldautomaten in Germany. Typically, they are located outside or inside bank branches. Additionally, you can find them at most major airports. The prevalence of these insects is lower at places such as malls and petrol stations. Cirrus, Maestro (both run by MasterCard) and Visa (Plus) are the three most commonly accepted debit cards in Germany. If an ATM has your card network's logo, it will be compatible. If you prefer, you can use the online ATM locators provided by Visa or MasterCard to locate the nearest ATM.

Restaurant prices

MealAverage cost of meals
Compared to neighboring countries like France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, and Belgium, food prices in Germany are generally considered to be low. The average food cost for a person per day is 50 Euros.

Tipping etiquette

TipsGiving tips to guides & drivers
Generally, a tip of five to ten percent is acceptable.


LanguageHow to blend in with the locals
More than 95% of Germans speak German as their first language. However, most Germans speak English. Usually, the train announcements are in English, and in restaurants and bars, waiters and waitresses speak English.


ElectricityCharging your phone & camera
In Germany, there are two types of plugs, types C and F. Type C plugs have two round pins; type F plugs have two round pins with two earth clips. Electricity in Germany is supplied at 230 volts and 50 Hz.

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