Italy Cuisine: Food & Drinks

What can complement a journey to Italy more than a delicious traditional meal sided with a glass of fine Italian wine? In this section, find out more about Italian cuisine as well as the dishes and drinks not to miss while you are traveling to Italy.


Italy Cuisine: Food & Drinks
Italy Drinks
It goes without saying that an integral part of any vacation to a foreign country is tasting its local cuisine and drinks. Luckily, there are many Italian beverages to choose from and we’ve put together a short overview of them.
Italy Dishes
If you plan to travel to Italy, congratulations, you are going to a real foodies' paradise as Italians have so many mind-blowing local specialties that you may start considering the option to stay there forever.
Italy Wine Guide
Wine-drinking is an intrinsic part of Italy's culture, and this is why the country boasts a total of 20 wine regions. No tour to Italy could possibly be complete without an Italian wine experience. So whether you're visiting Venice, Milan, Rome or Sicily towns, you'll definitely come across a chance to taste Italian wines. We've put together a guide on everything you need to know about Italian wines, broken down by the most visited cities in Italy.