Money in Italy

Have questions about Italian currency? Aren't sure when/where to exchange money or which payment method will be best during your Italy travel? Find the answers you need in this section, devoted to money in Italy.


Money in Italy
Currency in Italy
The official currency in Italy is Euro since it is a European Union country that’s part of the Economic and Monetary Union. If you'll need to exchange cash to Euros, you can head to any official currency exchange office or a local bank.
Money in Italy: Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Cash?
As Italy is a part of the European Union, official Italy currency is Euro. Of course, you don't need to pay by cash all the time as cards are very popular in Italy as well. On this page, you may learn more about the preferable and convenient payment methods in Italy.
ATMs in Italy
In Italy ATMs are called Bancomats and can be found almost on every block in big cities and on the main squares in smaller towns. Usually, they are clearly marked with the blue Bancomat sign, so you won't come across any difficulties in finding one.
Tipping in Italy
First thing's first, you need to know that tipping is not obligatory in Italy and is totally up to you. If you're satisfied with the service you may leave a small tip of several Euros or 5-10%, say, to your driver, waiter or guide.