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Have doubts whether your devices will work in Italy? Or if you'll have trouble charging your phones and cameras during the trip? Find answers to these and other questions in the section devoted to electricity, power adaptors, and more in Italy.


Phones & Tech in Italy
In case you’re not sure will your mobile phone work while you’re traveling to Italy or not, have no worries as Italy has high-quality mobile coverage in just about in any point in the country. The signal is generally great, especially in large cities, yet there may be cases of poor mobile signal if you’re somewhere up in the mountains.
In order to charge devices or have your appliances work in Italy, it is important to know that the electricity in Italy may differ from that in your home country. Italian sockets are of European standard with the voltage of 220V, for this reason, you might need a European plug adapter if your devices have, for instance, American plugs with flat pins for 120V.