Norway Celebrations & Traditions


Get an insight into the most popular, common, and unique holidays and customs of Norway. Learn more about Norwegian culture and traditions to get a better understanding of the locals during your trip and even celebrations you might catch during you travel dates.


Norway Celebrations & Traditions
Norwegian Celebrations and Festivals
It's natural that every country in the world has its own special traditions and celebrations, and Norway is not an exception. Of course, Norwegians, like most European nations, respect the tradition to celebrate Christmas and New Year and consider them the main family holidays, as it’s the time when all relatives gather under one roof near the fireplace to exchange presents and spend lovely time together.
Norway Traditions
The ancient motherland of Vikings, beautiful Norway abounds not only in natural wonders and picturesque scenery but also in unique culture and numerous traditions, customs and beliefs that are of particular touristic interest. So let's find out a bit more about Norway culture and some basics of Norway lifestyle and its traditions.