Getting to Norway


Learn about the possible options of getting to Norway, including information on the most important airports of the country, international connections, and tips on booking tickets for your upcoming Norwegian journey.


Getting to Norway
Booking Flights to Norway
On the whole, there are more than 20 major airlines which fly to different Norwegian cities, including such companies as Vueling, Norwegian Air, Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways. Most travelers going to Norway arrive to the capital’s main airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, which is the largest and most visited one in the whole country.
Main Airports in Norway
The most important and major one of all Norway airports is the Oslo Lufthavn (OSL). This international airport is the busiest and has the largest circulation of flights to Oslo Norway in the country, connecting the city with about 200 destinations and a passenger traffic flow of over 27 million people per year. It is a modern airport, offering passengers 2-hour charge-free WiFi access, dozens of onsite restaurants and cafes.
Trains and Buses to Norway
In case Norway is not the first destination on your Scandinavia route or you are planning to get there from another European country, there are many transport alternatives for flights.