Phones & Tech in Norway


Have unanswered questions about staying connected during your vacation to Norway? Or whether appliances you'd like to bring with you on the trip will work in this Scandinavian country? In this section, you can find information about adaptors, electricity, phone service in Norway, and more.


Phones & Tech in Norway
Electricity Plugs in Norway
Before going on a trip to this Scandinavian country it is handy to know that Norway electricity plugs may differ from the ones used in your home country, for instance, they are not the same as the ones used in the USA, Canada, and most Central and South American countries.
Mobile Cell-Phone: Will it Work in Norway?
If you are concerned whether your cell phone will work during your trip, you shouldn’t worry as mobile phone service in Norway is of high quality. The mobile connection network in Norway is well-developed and therefore you most likely won’t face problems with having cell phone reception in any of the Norwegian cities.