Meet your travel experts

Ivan Shirokov

"Ivan rocked! It was an excellent vacation from start to finish"

Quick facts about Ivan

Born and raised in the Russian Far East, Ivan has adventure and traveler's spirit in his DNA. By far, he's visited more than 40 countries in Europe & Asia. His next dream destination is the mysterious island of Madagascar.

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Top journeys Ivan planned:

Maria Gushchina

"Maria, I have been singing you praises for the last month. Whoa, what a great job you did in organizing the trip!"

Quick facts about Maria

Maria was born in Russia and lived in Mexico, the Netherlands and Spain. She is passionate about theater and performing arts. Her motto in life is to never stop learning new things: be it a foreign language, a sommelier course or simply traveling to a new place.

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Top journeys Maria planned:

Ben Schulze

"Ben, what a wonderful job you did, planning our tour!"

Quick facts about Ben

Ben always travels with a half-empty suitcase to bring home lots of souvenirs. He is of Belgian descent but was born in Florida, USA. After time spent in Russia, blinis with caviar is his favorite dish.

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Top journeys Ben planned:

Sim Uzkuraitis

"Sim is super organized and made everything flow perfectly"

Quick facts about Sim

Sim is passionate about basketball and traveling. He was born in Lithuania and lived in Norway, Sweden and Japan. This experience made him a local expert and he's always happy to share his knwoledge.

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Top journeys Sim planned:

Monika Tamosiunaite

"Monika, this was one of the smoothest holidays we have ever had!"

Quick facts about Monika

Just like Sim, Monika was born and raised in Lithuania. She is passionate about music and contemporary art. Her dream journey would be a Trans-Siberian tour from Moscow to Beijing.

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Top journeys Monika planned:

Evelina Rozenbergaite

"Eva was very efficient, and in fact she's in my top order of nice people"

Quick facts about Evelina

Before working in our company Evelina lived in the UK and South Africa for six year. She managed one of the top restaurants in London and was a professional tour guide. From early on in her career she knew tourism was her passion. Reach Evelina to plan your trip with Firebird Tours.

Contact Eva: [email protected]

Top journeys Evelina planned:

Egle Kudriavcevaite

"Thank you for a wonderful vacation! We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it"

Quick facts about Egle

Egle has always felt that wanderlust bug and always wanted to learn more about local cultures in different parts of the world. That’s why she chose to pursue a career in tourism and learnt 4 foreign languages along the way (and she keeps going). Traveling and active sports are two things that occupy most of Egle’s free time.

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Top journeys Egle planned: