Meet your travel experts

Ivan Shirokov

"Ivan rocked! It was an excellent vacation from start to finish"

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Maria Gushchina

"Maria, I have been singing you praises for the last month. Whoa, what a great job you did in organizing the trip!"

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Ben Schulze

"Ben, what a wonderful job you did, planning our tour!"

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Sim Uzkuraitis

"Sim is super organized and made everything flow perfectly"

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Monika Tamosiunaite

"Monika, this was one of the smoothest holidays we have ever had!"

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Evelina Rozenbergaite

"Eva was very efficient, and in fact she's in my top order of nice people"

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Egle Kudriavcevaite

"Thank you for a wonderful vacation! We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it"

Quick facts about Egle

Egle has always felt that wanderlust bug and always wanted to learn more about local cultures in different parts of the world. That’s why she chose to pursue a career in tourism and learnt 4 foreign languages along the way (and she keeps going). Traveling and active sports are two things that occupy most of Egle’s free time.

Contact Egle: [email protected]

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