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Partner Area Tips


Working with your portal

Once you become our partner, you instantly get access to our Partner Portal. It is a system that we use to communicate with our partners efficiently. In your secure partner area, you can see the full history of our cooperation: monitor invoices (paid and unpaid), browse existing or take new orders, and request a payout for your services. What is more, you can see it all in one place using your Partner Calendar. Here are some tips on using our partner area:


Logging into your Partner Portal

To log-in to your area, click the link below and enter your email address associated with your account with us. Check your inbox for an email and follow the log-in link provided. Welcome to your Partner Portal!


Log in to your Partner Portal


Partner Calendar

One of the great features of your partner area is the Partner Calendar. Here you have the chance to see open orders available in your city at a glance or browse and confirm existing ones.



Business Principles

Working with Firebird Tours, you accept and agree to follow the Business Principles and Terms of Service as well as implement your services following required standards. You can familiarize yourself with the Business Principles implied to partners here:

Guides Business Principles | Supplier Business Principles



Requesting payout for your services

When you are ready to withdraw your earnings with us, you can send an online payout request. Simply email our accounting team by clicking "Request a Payout" button, which is located in "My Invoices" or "My Orders"tab.


Bank Wire Icon

Receiving payouts via bank wire

A fixed sending fee of 15 USD will apply to all wires smaller than 1,000 USD. All non-USD wires will also include currency conversion fees by your bank.