Top 6 Events in January You Shouldn't Miss


If you plan to explore Europe in January, you will be spoiled with a choice of celebrations! A couple will take place in the Netherlands, as well as France. But if you are thinking about a sunnier destination, we recommend visiting Portugal and making it in time for Sao Goncalinho, a notable traditional holiday. What is more, classical music fans should take the chance to honor Mozart's talents with a holiday in Austria. Below, we bring you more details on the most interesting and the best celebrations in Europe in January!

Sao Goncalinho Festivities
São Gonçalinho Festivities

Celebration in Portugal

Largo de Sao Goncalinho 6, Aveiro
weekend closest to 10th of Jan

Bring your umbrella, you will need it... to catch flying "cavacas" (hard dry cakes with icing) from the top of a chapel, symbolizing a payment for promises. This dangerous tradition honors the local saint Sao Goncalinho who had a great sense of humor and, believe it or not, healing powers.

National Tulip Day
National Tulip Day, Amsterdam

Celebration in Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
third Saturday of January

If you thought that tulips are spring flowers, think again! The Dutch tulip season officially commences in January with a celebration of the National Tulip Day. If you're in town, visit the "picking garden" on the Dam Square and pick your own tulip for free.

Fete des Rois - Epiphany Day
Fete des Rois - Epiphany Day, France

Celebration in France

Across the whole country
6th of January

Buy a "pastry of the King" from a local boulangery on the Feast of Epiphany. They are flat, round, and decorated with gold paper crowns, there's also an animal toy hidden, so that whoever gets the piece is crowned a "queen" or a "king." Did you know that the French president cannot participate?

Mozart Week
Mozart Week, Salzburg

Celebration in Austria

Jan 23rd - Feb 2nd, 2020

All classical music lovers unite and spend an unforgettable week in Austria, celebrating Mozart's birthday just how he would himself. The event was started in 1956 and still takes place each year, so everyone can experience classical music taken to a whole new level.

Amsterdam Light Festival
Amsterdam Light Festival

Celebration in Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nov 28nd - Jan 9th, 2020

Take a walk in Amsterdam lit in different lights. You will see 25 light artworks and learn 10 stories about the city. The installations are switched on daily in the evenings from 5 pm to 11 pm. By the way, a 20% discount on a daily return from any station in the Netherlands applies.

Wine Festival: St. Vincent
St. Vincent Day - Wine Festival

Celebration in France

Village in Burgundy region
first weekend after January 22nd

If you enjoy good wine, then this festival is for you! Enjoy two days in Burgundy, filled with various festivities, including cellar visits, wine tasting, barrel-making art, food of the region, and, of course, live local music. And let's not forget about the mass in honor of St. Vincent too!