Top 5 Events in June You Shouldn't Miss


Want to start your summer with a blast? Come to Europe and spend amazing time celebrating with the locals. Discover the phenomena of White Nights in Russia, mark the Summer Solstice in Stonehenge, glorify Viking heritage in Norway, and witness marvelous architecture during the Old Town Days in Estonia. Lastly, honor English royalty along with thousands of people on Queen's birthday too. An eventful opening of the season, are we right?

Old Town Days
Tallinn Old Town Days

Celebration in Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia
June 4th - 7th, 2020

Come to the capital of Estonia and make it in time for the 39th Annual Old Town Days Festival. Tallinn has celebrated its 800th birthday last year and is planning to wow its visitors again with a celebration filled with workshops, toompea music, exhibitions and markets, theater plays, and awesome events in the Town Hall Square.

Viking Festival
Viking Festival in Norway

Celebration in Norway

Avaldsnes, Norway
June 6th - 9th, 2020

After festivities in Tallinn, continue celebrating in Northern Europe with a four-day Viking Festival in Norway. Travel to the Avaldsnes Viking Farm and watch the enchanting history of the Viking era come alive in an entertaining way with the help of storytellers, jugglers, musicians, and craftsmen.

Stars of the White Nights Festival
Stars of the White Nights Festival, Russia

Celebration in Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia
late May - mid June

Saint Petersburg is a very special place. It's called the most European-like Russian city for a reason because there's the culture is plentiful, the architecture is unique, the events are exciting, and... there's light during the night too! This marvelous natural phenomenon occurs only from May to June, so witness it firsthand!

Stonehenge Summer Solstice
Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Celebration in the UK

Salisbury, United Kingdom
21st of June

Coming to the UK in June? A visit to the most famous ancient prehistoric world heritage site and simply iconic destination, the Stonehenge, is a must! People have been worshiping and celebrating Summer Solstice here for thousands of years, come and join them next year!

Queen's Official Birthday
Queen's Official Birthday

Celebration in England

Across the whole country
second Saturday of June

Marvel at the splendid celebration of the Queens Official Birthday in England, marked by a Royal Air Force flypast, gun salutes, and a grand parade, known as Trooping the Color. The long-lasting tradition also involves parades of musicians, as well as the Queen herself attending the festivities in a carriage and inspecting her troops.