Top 4 Events in March You Shouldn't Miss


March is not only a great month to travel because the weather gets warmer, but it is also the time for some of the signature European celebrations that need no introduction from St. Patrick's Day to Amsterdam's Tulip & Flower Festival. But if you have been to the Netherlands and Ireland already, don't worry, there will be a couple of other amazing festivities that you can attend in other destinations. For instance, Rouketopolemos and San Jose Fallas celebrations in Greece and Spain, thus, scroll the page to find out more!

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day, Ireland

Celebration in Ireland

Across the whole country
17th of March

Come to Ireland on this day and don't forget to pack some bold green clothes. Get ready for a day full of unforgettable parades, concerts, and Irish dance shows and, most importantly, taste the iconic Guinness during a "pub crawl". Oh yeah, and did we mention you have to wear green?

Keukenhof: Amsterdam’s Tulip & Flower Festival
Keukenhof: Amsterdam’s Tulip & Flower Festival

Celebration in Netherlands

20th of March - 19th of May 2020

Spend a day surrounded by 7 million colorful bulbs from over 800 varieties of tulips. Enjoy a walk in the spectacular Keukenhof Park which offers entertainment for all ages. Youngsters can take part in a treasure hunt or pet some animals at the petting farm while adults enjoy the Tulip mania exhibition, unique art, and other events.

San Jose Fallas Celebration
San Jose Fallas Valencia Celebration

Celebration in Spain

19th of March, 2020

A festival like no other, The Fallas celebration in Valencia is one everyone should attend at least once in their lifetime. During the event, you will be amazed by the gigantic cardboard monuments (that will be lit on fire), fireworks, and folklore shows. The festival is listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity too.

Rouketopolemos (Rocket War)
Rouketopolemos (Rocket War)

Celebration in Greece

Churches on Aegean Islands
Easter Weekend

Greek Easter weekend is a huge celebration in the whole country. However, if you come to the Aegean Islands, you'll get the chance to witness the Rocket War where two opposing Orthodox churches shield themselves and set off tens of thousands of home-made rockets across the valley at each other...During the midnight mass!