Top 4 Events in November You Shouldn't Miss


Traveling is always a good idea, thus this November make sure to cross at least a few destinations out of your bucket list! Not sure where to go? It's always fun to see how the locals celebrate their culture and customs, therefore, take a quick look at what's happening in Europe this beautiful month and decide which events you have to attend yourself!

Museum Night Amsterdam
Musuem Night Amsterdam

Celebration in Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
2nd of November

Visiting museums while traveling is usually a part of any itinerary in Europe, however, how many times have you been to a museum during the nighttime? Don't miss the chance to explore numerous exhibitions all over the city after sunset for a one-of-a-kind Amsterdam sightseeing experience.

Lord Mayor's Show
Lord Mayor’s Show

Celebration in England

London, England
9th of November

Upholding a centuries-old tradition, once a year London is filled with people celebrating the Lord Mayor's Day. Boasting a festive parade, the event also features numerous performances, displays, marching bands, and other forms of entertainment, making it a must-see while in the city.

York's Christmas Festival
York’s Christmas Festival

Celebration in England

York, England
14th Nov - 22nd Dec, 2019

Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year in the picture-perfect Christmas Market in York! The ever-present Christmassy scents, charming little gifts, ornaments, and tasty specialties will surely get you in a festive mood right in November and make you want to stay just a day longer.

St. Andrew's Day
St. Andrew's Day

Celebration in Scotland

Across the whole country
30th of November

Visit Scotland in November for the ultimate Scottish experience! Honoring St. Andrew, the national saint of the country, the locals celebrate the day enjoying traditional foods, music, and dancing ceilidh until their feet start to hurt. It is without a doubt an event worth taking part in while traveling!