Top 6 Bergen Restaurants


Scandinavia is famous for its rich nature and historical heritage, for the cozy atmosphere and the spirit of freedom. But what about Norwegian cuisine? For certain, a good meal is always an icing on the cake of any trip. Noted for its unique culinary traditions by the UNESCO, Bergen welcomes gourmets from all over the world. In case you would like to learn more about the local specials and experience a unique gastronomic bliss, we've created a list of the best restaurants in Bergen that'll make you fall in love with many-sided Norway even more!

1. Lysverket Restaurant, Bergen

Excellent Seafood

Rasmus Meyers alle 9, 5015
47 55 60 31 00


Located at the amazing art museum KODE 4, this cozy restaurant is definitely worth paying a visit to. Lysverket specializes in seafood dishes, Norwegian craft beer, and classic cocktails.

2. Restaurant 1877, Bergen
Restaurant 1877, Bergen

Fresh Ingredients

Vetrlidsallmenningen 2, 5014
47 928 71 877


Elegantly designed with using elements of iron, brick, and wood, the venue creates the atmosphere of a traditional Bergen Meat Bazaar. The restaurant focuses on using the best ingredients of the land and sea.

3. Bare Vestland Restaurant, Bergen
Bare Vestland Restaurant, Bergen

Norwegian Tapas

Fresco Hall, Vågsallmenningen 1, 5014
47 400 02 455


This place follows the principle of seasonality, so every visit here is a surprise. Serving the most tasteful tapas from Western Norway, Bare Vestland attracts all gourmets who're looking for a great gastronomic experience.

4. Munken Bistro, Bergen
Munken Bistro, Bergen

Homemade Food

Klostergaten 12, 5005
47 474 62 455


The cozy Munken Bistro offers guests to try delicious homemade food, it will for sure surprise you with its tasteful dishes where flavors from all over the world mix in unique and bright combinations.

5. Pingvinen Restaurant, Bergen
Pingvinen Restaurant, Bergen

Norwegian Cuisine

Vaskerelven 14, 5014
47 55 60 46 46


Pingvinen welcomes all Norwegian cuisine-enthusiasts with open arms! The atmospherical interior, designed according to the best authentic Scandinavian traditions, is also a catch.

6. Marg & Bein Restaurant, Bergen
Marg & Bein Restaurant, Bergen

Nordic Cuisine

Fosswinckels gate 18, 5007
47 55 32 34 32


Here every dish is cooked with passion and love to the culinary craft. Based on traditional recipes of Nordic cuisine, the menu changes quite often to provide the guests with an unforgettable gastronomic experience every time.