Best Cordoba Restaurants


The Andalusia Region in Southern Spain is noted as one of the most authentic and truly Spanish ones, therefore, it's no surprise that the city of Cordoba is among the best places to taste traditional Spanish cuisine, including the town's specialty dishes such as salmorejo, rabo de toro, and flamenquin. On this page, we've put together a list of top Cordoba restaurants worth paying a visit to during your trip, as no journey abroad can be called "complete" if you haven't found the time to explore the best its gastronomic side has to offer.

1. Casa Rubio Restaurant, Cordoba

Andalusian Cuisine

Calle Puerta de Almodovar, 5, 14003
+3 495 742 08 53
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Beautifully placed on the rooftop of a building dating back to the 14th-century by Puerta de Almodovar, Casa Rubio boasts outstanding panoramas of Cordoba's Jewish Quarter. The rooftop tavern is noted for serving delicious traditional Andalusian cuisine too.

2. La Taberna de Almodovar Restaurant, Cordoba

Family-run Tavern

Calle Benito Perez Galdos, 1, 14001
+3 495 794 03 33
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The family-owned and run La Taberna de Almodovar Restaurant has opened its doors to visitors in 1977 and has been a favored dining venue in Cordoba ever since. The restaurant specializes in the traditional cuisine of the Andalusia region and offers great service.

3. Choco Restaurant, Cordoba

Modern Spanish Cuisine

Calle Compositor Serrano Lucena, 14, 14010
+3 495 726 48 63
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Offering a modern look of popular local recipes, the award-winning Choco Restaurant is famed for serving contemporary dishes of European and Spanish cuisine. The venue is set not far from the old town and boasts a charming interior.