Top 5 Florence Restaurants


How many of us have dreamed about trying true Italian dishes created by the most professional Italian chefs? Let's immerse ourselves into a perfect mix of traditional tastes and smells! Undoubtedly, Italian food is a cuisine of diversity and creativity. Though you probably already heard about well-known pizza, pasta, and risotto, the worldwide famous cradle of the Renaissance will for sure surprise you with its unique recipes. Here is your chance to learn more about the best Florence restaurants that are the absolute musts for all gourmets!

1. Enoteca Pinchiorri Restaurant, Florence

Luxurius Cuisine

Via Ghibellina, 87 50122
+39 055 242 757


The museum-like venue with a unique interior boasts an excellent menu featuring the best of Italian, Tuscan, and international cuisine. Guests can enjoy not only the luxurious dishes but also top-class wines from all over the world.

2. La Leggenda dei Frati Restaurant, Florence

Creative Cuisine

Costa S. Giorgio, 6/a, 50125
+39 055 068 0545


Looking for a many-sided experience? The elegant La Leggenda dei Frati Restaurant is noted for delicious modern and creative cuisine. Moreover, after the meal, you have a chance to visit a unique museum located near the venue.

3. Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant, Florence

Tuscan & Italian Cuisine

Borgo S. Jacopo, 62r, 50125
+39 055 281 661


Borgo San Jacopo is one of the best restaurants in Florence for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the perfect mix of flavors, colors, and shapes while enjoying the view over the Ponte Vecchio!

4. Baccarossa Restaurant, Florence

Meat & Fish Specials

Via Ghibellina, 46/N 50122
+39 055 240 620


Baccarossa is a cozy place with a simple elegant atmosphere and a meeting point for all Mediterranean cuisine-enthusiasts. This restaurant is famous for its creative meat and fish specials.

5. Santa Elisabetta Restaurant, Florence

Mediterranean Cuisine

Piazza Sant'Elisabetta, 3, 50122
+39 055 273 7607


Santa Elisabetta is an especially charming venue which is well-known among all Italian gourmets. The restaurant boasts an extensive Mediterranean cuisine menu with dishes created in an imaginative style.