Top 7 Madrid Restaurants


Delicious Spanish cuisine is renown worldwide, especially its mouthwatering tapas which are rightfully called one of the symbols of the country. Those exploring the capital city should definitely not miss out on the top-notch dining venues scattered around the city and treat themselves to tasting local delicacies, including paella and gazpacho.
Wondering what is the best restaurant in Madrid? On this page, we have put together recommendations and information on the best restaurants in Madrid that are worth going to as you tour Spain. We're more than sure that this can easily become one of the highlights of your overall experience abroad!

1. Askuabarra Restaurant, Madrid

Modern Spanish Cuisine

Calle de Arlaban, 7, 28014
+3 491 593 75 07


This petite award-winning restaurant is renown for serving tasty Spanish cuisine in a modern style. Although Askuabarra's interiors are quite simple, the restaurant will surely not disappoint its guests with the served delicacies.

2. Cebo Restaurant, Madrid

Regional Spanish Cuisine

Carrera de S. Jeronimo, 34, 28014
+3 491 787 77 70


The stylish Cebo is an outstanding Mediterranean restaurant, famous for its top-notch cuisine, blending the best traditional recipes from different regions of Spain, and creative serving of the dishes. Guests will not only enjoy the food and drinks as the lushly decorated interiors are a catch as well.

3. Atlantik Corner Restaurant, Madrid

Delicious Atlantic Cuisine

Calle de Ventura de la Vega, 11 y 13, 28014
+3 491 071 72 45


Crave to taste the Atlantic vibe? This central Madrid restaurant specializes in Portuguese food with a dash of the Atlantic, mixing in even Moroccan, Brazilian and Mexican. It offers not only delicious specialties but also top-notch wines, served in a bistro-style.

4. La Terraza del Casino Restaurant, Madrid

Great Views Restaurant

Calle de Alcala, 15, 3 28014
+3 491 532 12 75


Set on the top floor of a casino, dating back to 1910, the Terraza is among the fanciest places in Madrid to taste contemporary cuisine of Spain and enjoy fantastic city views. Keep in mind that children under 13 aren't allowed in the restaurant and gentlemen are expected to wear a suit jacket.

5. DSTAgE Restaurant, Madrid

Innovative Restaurant

Calle de Regueros, 8, 28004
+3 491 702 15 86


DSTAgE is among the most popular Madrid venues in the urban-industrial style. The restaurant is noted for its creativity and innovation in terms of served dishes which combine recipes from drastically different countries like Mexico, Japan, and Spain into a new fusion of taste.

6. DiverXO Restaurant, Madrid

Avant-Garde Cuisine

NH Eurobuilding, Calle de Padre Damian, 23, 28036
+3 491 570 07 66


Proudly bearing the title of one of the 51-100 World's Best, DiverXO is Madrid's only 3-star Michelin restaurant, offering unique gastronomic experiences. The chef has created a famous avant-garde fusion cuisine menu called The Flying Pigs.

7. Sobrino de Botin Restaurant, Madrid
Sobrino de Botin Restaurant, Madrid

Madrid Oldest Restaurant

Calle de Cuchilleros, 17, 28005
+3 491 366 42 17


Holding the Guinness Record as the world's oldest continuously working restaurant since 1725, Casa Botin is set in the historic part of Madrid and has a typical Spanish menu. This charming place with historic interiors has even been noted by Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.