Top 5 Milan Restaurants


Although you might strongly believe that you've tried pizza and risotto already, let us assure you that Italy is about to surprise you with an explosion of flavors and smells. Michael Chiarello, the chef (and the owner) of the amazing Bottega in California's Napa Valley, said "Italian food is bold and satisfying without being heavy. It's rich and textural and uses a whole palette of flavors." Here we made a list of the best restaurants in Milan that'll introduce you to the traditional Italian cuisine and make you fall in love with sun-kissed Italy even more.

1. Seta by Antonio Guida Restaurant, Milan

Meat & Fish Dishes

Via Monte di Pieta, 18
+39 028 731 88 97
Restaurant website


The top-class Seta by Antonio Guida Restaurant invites you to enjoy excellent service, a beautiful interior, and outstanding food. Chef Guida's menu is all about the match of the simplest ingredients with the most exclusive flavors.

2. Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala, Milan

Gourmet Dishes

Piazza della Scala, 5
+39 028 068 82 01
Restaurant website


Located near the Teatro della Scala, the Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant offers to have a look at the traditional dishes from a new angle, serving the original interpretations of classic Italian recipes.

3. Spazio Niko Romito Restaurant, Milan

New Catering Format

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 9
+39 068 535 25 23


The stylish Spazio Niko Romito Restaurant boasts a great location near the Duomo and offers fantastic views on the Piazza Duomo. Chef Ramito's menu changes every season, but it's always based on the best quality ingredients and raw materials.

4. La Veranda Restaurant, Milan

Mediterranean Cuisine

Via Gesu, 6-8
+39 027 708 14 78


The amazing La Veranda Restaurant prides itself in top-notch service and exquisite food. The restaurant's executive chef, Fabrizio Borraccino, prefers to spice up the classic Italian dishes with the traditions of the Abruzzo region cuisine.

5. Don Carlos Restaurant, Milan

Italian & Milanese Cuisine

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 29
+39 027 231 46 40


Enjoy a lovely evening in the exclusive Don Carlos Restaurant, serving classic Italian dishes, influenced by regional traditions. Chef Moia pays attention to every ingredient, making sure that the right component comes at exactly the right time.