Top 5 Oslo Restaurants


There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with magnificent Norway, such as the breathtaking fjords, an unforgettable ride on the picturesque Flamsbana Railway or a memorable sea safari, just to name a few. There is one more, maybe less obvious but just as valid reason to add to this list, Norwegian cuisine. Maybe it doesn't have anything as well-known as the iconic Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam, but it's ready to surprise you.
Norwegian traditional cuisine is the perfect illustration that healthy food can be delicious. Tasty seafood, fresh local fruit and vegetables, fragrant species, and a really interesting choice of meat, Norway won't leave you disappointed. And there is no better place to explore traditional Norway cuisine than the beautiful capital of the country. To help you navigate among all the city's restaurants, we've put together a list of the best Oslo restaurants.

1. Vaaghals Restaurant, Oslo

Creative Norway Dishes

Dronning Eufemias gate, 8
+47 920 70 999


The stylish Vaaghals Restaurant's kitchen offers you to explore modern Norwegian cuisine. An interesting feature of the restaurant's menu is that most of the dishes are designed to be shared with your loved ones.

2. Arakataka Restaurant, Oslo

Seasonal Ingredients

Mariboes gate, 7B
+47 23 32 83 00


The Arakataka started its life as a top-class restaurant, but in 2012 the owners changed the concept, switched from the small plates to the medium-sized dishes, and presented the world a new modern bistro. The high quality of food, however, remains constant.

3. Einer Restaurant, Oslo

Norwegian Seafood

Prinsens gate, 18
+47 22 41 55 55


The elegant Einer Restaurant boasts a great location not far from the Oslo Central Station. Guests can choose a 4 or 6-course tasting menu. The food is prepared using traditional Norwegian cooking techniques, such as fermenting, pickling, and smoking.

4. Statholdergaarden Restaurant, Oslo

Classic Cooking

Radhusgata, 11
+47 22 41 88 00


Nestled right in the heart of Oslo, the impressive Statholdergaarden Restaurant is decorated with luxurious antiques and splendid chandeliers. The restaurant's menu offers a great choice of traditional dishes, prepared with seasonal Norwegian ingredients.

5. Maaemo Restaurant, Oslo

Norway Nature Focused

Schweigaards gate, 15B
+47 22 17 99 69


The most fitting adjective describing the Maaemo Restaurant is "unique". Chef Esben Holmboe is the first Norwegian chef to hold Michelin’s highest award. For his dishes, he uses only entirely organic, biodynamic, or wild ingredients.