Top 5 Rome Restaurants


At first, it seems like Italians are magicians. What else but witchcraft can explain how a mix of the simplest ingredients can end up as an explosion of flavors and aromas? In reality, the secret is rather simple. Italians use only the best quality ingredients, base their diet on fish and fresh vegetables, and seem to be natural when it comes to choosing the perfect spices. To enrich your Italy travel experience and have a chance to fully appreciate how diverse and layered Italian cuisine is, we made a list of the best Rome restaurants you can't miss during your trip.

1. Il Pagliaccio Restaurant, Rome

Refind Cuisine

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129a
+39 066 880 95 95


The Il Pagliaccio Restaurant boasts a great location near the Baleani Palace Roma. It has an elegant interior and provides excellent service. The restaurant's chef, Anthony Genovese, prides himself in offering one of the most creative menus in Rome.

2. Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Breathtaking Views

Via Labicana, 125
+39 069 761 51 09


Nestled right next to the ancient Colosseum, the Aroma Restaurant offers absolutely spectacular views, as well as top-notch service. The executive chef Giuseppe Di Iorio presents a menu, combining classic recipes with his creative look.

3. Per Me Giulio Terrinoni Restaurant, Rome

Home Comfort

Vicolo del Malpasso, 9
+39 06 687 73 65


The Per Me Giulio Terrinoni Restaurant is set right in the heart of unforgettable Rome. If offers a completely new concept "Per Me", created for the guests, high-quality service, elegant interiors, and an excellent choice of fish and meat dishes.

4. Antonello Colonna Restaurant, Rome

Fresh Italian Classics

Via Milano, 9a
+39 064 782 26 41


Located nor far from the amazing Fontana di Trevi, the Antonello Colonna Restaurant invites you to enjoy impeccable service and an excellent menu. Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio offers a menu, rethinking the traditional Italian dishes.

5. Da Armando al Pantheon Restaurant, Rome

Traditional Cuisine

Salita dei Crescenzi, 31
+39 066 880 30 34


Situated right next to the breathtaking Pantheon, the Da Armando al Pantheon is a cozy family-run restaurant. Apart from the amazing location, it offers brilliant service, and a great menu, based on traditional Italian dishes.

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