Best Sorrento Restaurants


It might seem that the diet based on pasta, lasagna, and pizza can't be very good for you, but actually, traditional Italian cuisine is very health beneficial. It is based on the Mediterranean diet, meaning that it relies on fresh fruit and vegetables, unrefined cereals, olive oil, as well as delicious seafood. In case you want to explore what Italian restaurants have to offer, we put together a list of the top restaurants in Sorrento.

1. Terrazza Bosquet Restaurant, Sorrento

Mediterranean Cuisine

Piazza Torquato Tasso, 34
+39 081 877 71 11


Overlooking the breathtaking Bay of Naples, the Terrazza Bosquet Restaurant offers high-quality service, a beautiful interior, and an interesting menu, using the best quality ingredients and combining traditional regional and Mediterranean cuisines.

2. Il Buco Restaurant, Sorrento

Choice of Menus

2ª Rampa Marina Piccola, 5
+39 081 878 23 54


The Terrazza Bosquet Restaurant boasts a truly remarkable interior, as well as a great location near the Basilica of St. Anthony Abbot. It invites guests to enjoy top-notch service and several remarkable menus.