Top 9 St. Petersburg Restaurants


Without a doubt, you heard that Russia is a country of endless surprises, and it's fair to say that Russian cuisine has an interesting twist of flavors. To make your journey absolutely complete, you should for sure save some time for trying local signature dishes. Looking for the most attractive venues to enjoy unique delicacies and get enchanted by the outstanding interiors? Below we collected some useful information about the best restaurants in St. Petersburg worth visiting during your travel. So, prepare your knife and fork, as your gastronomic St. Petersburg trip begins!

1. Hunt Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Hunt Restaurant, St. Petersburg

3 Concepts in 1

Rubinstein St, 13, 191002
8 (812) 602 06 06
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The Hunt Restaurant united 3 different concepts: the so-called seafood raw bar with the aquarium, a bistro with wood-burning stove, and a meat restaurant. Undoubtedly, this is a full pack to match any taste!

2. Birch Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Birch Restaurant, St. Petersburg

European Cuisine

Kirochnaya Ulitsa, 3, 191028
8 (911) 920 31 65


This place is all about creativity and unique combinations of flavors. Here guests can degust the most tasteful dishes of European cuisine with a slight Asian touch. Moreover, Birch has an open kitchen where everyone is welcome to see how the magic happens.

3. CoCoCo Restaurant, St. Petersburg
CoCoCo Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Seasonal Ingredients

Voznesensky Ave, 6, 190000
8 (812) 418 20 60


The venue is well-known for its unusual experiments and strong Russian charachter. The menu of the restraurant is based on the seasonality principle: it changes about 20 times a year, so CoCoCo will for sure surprise you!

4. Probka Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Probka Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Excellent Service

Zoologicheskiy Pereulok, 2-4, 197198
8 (812) 918 69 10


Probka is noted for excellent service and perfectly coordinated work of its employees. This place is also known for outstanding cuisine, a stylish interior, and an especially elegant atmosphere.

5. Banshiki Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Banshiki Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Russian Cuisine

Degtyarnaya Ulitsa, 1A, 191024
8 (812) 918 69 10


The concept of the restaurant is based on the modern representation of Russian cuisine. The chef's vision is the ideal balance between culinary traditions and unique innovations that perfectly reflect in the creatively served dishes.

6. Blok Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Blok Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Meat Bliss

Potomkinskaya Ulitsa, 4, 91123
8 (812) 415 40 40


Looking for the best meat delicacies in St. Petersburg? Believe us, you found the right place! This restaurant specializes in meat cooking, and Blok's professional chefs will for sure blow your taste buds with their dishes.

7. Percorso Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Percorso Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Italian Cuisine

Voznesensky Ave, 1, 190000
8 (812) 339-80-44


Designed according to the best traditions of the luxurious Italian interiors, this place is popular among all St. Petersburg gourmets. For sure, you will be pleased with the great Italian cuisine where dishes are created only of high-quality ingredients.

8. Mindal Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Mindal Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Eastern Cuisine

English Embankment, 26, 190000
8 (812) 312 32 38


This cozy place with the atmosphere of harmony and comfort welcomes all Eastern cuisine-enthusiasts. Apart from the great food, guests will be enchanted by the charming interior of the venue.

9. Harvest Restaurant, St. Petersburg
Harvest Restaurant, St. Petersburg

Not Only Vegetables

Prospekt Dobrolyubova, 11, 197198
8 (911) 922 27 46


Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, this restaurant attracts everyone who loves outstanding cuisine and great service. Moreover, the place boasts a cozy atmosphere which helps to enjoy the creatively served dishes to the fullest!