6 Best German Souvenirs and Gifts


Shopping during your Germany getaway is not only a great way to spend your time but also a unique opportunity to delve into the country's incomparable atmosphere and get acquainted with its bright lifestyle. Wondering what to bring as a gift from Germany for your loved ones? If you are tired of banal postcards, mugs, and magnets, this miraculous region will definitely surprise you with its great selection of souvenirs that can meet every taste, age, and preferences. So that you do not get lost in the variety of unique outlandish items, we have prepared some information about the best German souvenirs to buy.

What Souvenirs to Buy in Germany

1. Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall

Don't drop your jaw wondering how you could fit this entire impressive stone structure in your suitcase, we offer you to take just a bit of it. The 155-kilometer-long (96 mi) wall witnessed lots of significant events of German history, and today is the iconic Berlin landmark. So if you are looking for something quirky to bring back home, this is definitely one of the top choices. To be sure that you get not just a random chunk of rock, all pieces of the Berlin Wall Memorial come with a certificate of authenticity.

2. Wooden Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations

Without a doubt, no one celebrates Christmas like Germans. Today the whole world cherishes numerous traditional Christmas customs that originate from this amazing country. If you are lucky to be in Germany during wintertime, don't miss a chance to immerse yourself into the spirit of the most nostalgic holiday and pop in the local Christmas market. While strolling among the countless shops, you can find plenty of the finest festive decorations, including the nutcracker, the main character of Hoffman's remarkable story.

3. Beer Steins
German Beer Stein

Being an ubiquitous part of Bavarian culture, beer steins are among the most popular souvenirs in Germany. Made of porcelain, stone, glass, or even pewter, these goblets are often beautifully decorated with three-dimensional patterns and paintings according to the best traditions of the Renaissance era. Even when you return home from your Germany trip, while sipping this refreshing drink from an ornate mug, you will remember the brightest moments of your adventure!

4. Cuckoo Clock
German Cuckoo Clock

Though clocks are often referred to as Switzerland's trademark, the fairy-tale Cuckoo clocks originate from the Black Forest region which is located in the south of Germany. The most notable feature of this unusual German souvenir is a "cuckoo" sound that strikes the hours. Even though the basic design still remains unchanged for the last 300 years, today Cuckoo clocks differ in size and style. Capturing various daily life scenes of Germans, this richly decorated timepiece has all the chances to become an authentic family heirloom!

5. Jagermeister
German Jagermeister

Is beer not your kind of drink? Don't worry, we have your back! If you are a fan of strong beverages, think about bringing back home a bottle of Jagermeister as a memory or a gift from Germany. Apart from being an excellent base for different types of cocktails, this medicinal liqueur is known for its healing properties. Usually consumed along with tea, this semi-sweet drink represents a unique mixture of various Alpine herbs and features more than 50 ingredients!

6. German Chocolate
German Chocolate

Boasting high quality and mouthwatering taste, German chocolate is something that won't disappoint all lovers of sweets. Covering the topic of the "must-try" local brands, consider having some Stollweck, Schogetten, After Eight, and the worldwide famous Ritter Sport which will definitely blow your mind with its diversity of flavors! Interestingly, in some Berlin confectionaries, you can even buy chocolate in the shape of well-known city monuments like the Brandenburg Gate or the Berlin TV Tower!