6 Italian Souvenir Ideas


It's impossible to argue with the fact that traveling (especially when it comes to sunny Italy) is one of the best experiences in life. What can be better than exploring new places, learning about other cultures, and trying new mouthwatering delicacies? And we all want to bring back home a part of this great Italian adventure, preferably something more material than a bunch of colorful memories and a dozen beautiful photos. And an old-school fridge magnet or a statuette of the Colosseum both are valid options, of course, but there are so many incredible Italian souvenirs to choose from that they just don't feel special enough. If you are looking for some "what to bring from Italy" ideas that don't include a bottle of olive oil or an "I love Venice" T-shirt, you've come to the right place. On this page, we've gathered several less obvious alternatives of souvenirs from Italy to commemorate your trip or surprise your friends with.

Best Souvenirs From Italy

1. Venetian Carnaval Masks
Venetian Carnaval Masks

If you happen to travel to Venice in February, you'll have a chance to participate in one of the brightest annual events in the country, the Carnival of Venice. The centuries-old festival was the time when the social status didn't matter as the exquisite masks helped the citizens to hide their identity during the festivities. Being true masterpieces, the original Venetian masks can't be found in any Venice gift shop, unlike the mass-market replicas. Made from porcelain, gesso, gold leaf, and natural feathers, a Venetian mask will definitely make a great souvenir from Italy.

2. Murano Glass
Murano Glass

Although glass was created in Syria, according to an ancient legend, it was the Italians who gave the world the beauty of art glass, a product of one of the most renowned crafts in the world. For centuries, the production center of Venetian glass was located on the island of Murano, and Murano glass was a synonym to marvelous glass-blowing goods. Although now the beautiful crafts are considered to be luxurious items (priced accordingly), it's possible to find budget-friendly (but just as amazing) Murano glass figurines, exploring the markets of Venice.

3. Florencia's Leather Goods
Florencia's Leather Goods

Scenic Florence is famous for its delicious steaks. But amazing meat is not the only thing you should check out in Tuscany. Florence is the best place to look for Italian leather goods as this is the heart of Italian leather crafting. Made according to ancient traditions and without any chemical treatment, a beautiful handmade belt or wallet are among the best souvenirs in Italy to surprise your loved ones (or treat yourself with). Choosing a Florence holiday memento, keep in mind that genuine leather has to have imperfections and be very soft to touch.

4. Ceramics From the Amalfi Coast
Ceramics From Amalfi Coast

Wonderous Italy has a long ceramic production history and its citizens are those who've perfected the craft of maiolica (tin-glazed earthenware, decorated in rich colors). The main difficulty of this painting technique, allowing to preserve the brightness of the colors, is that it doesn't allow any mistakes as they are impossible to fix. Creating even a single hand-made item is hard work, making maiolica crafts one of the unique souvenirs to buy in Italy, especially if you happen to be in Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast, famous for its pottery.

5. Ferrari from Milan

If you are looking for a great gift from Italy for a petrolhead, the perfect place to look for it is the motherland of the best supercars in the world, Modena. Obviously, a quick visit to this car lover paradise is not always an option, while Milan can be found on the Italy travel bucket list of almost any traveler. And there is a very special place where you can find the perfect souvenir, the Ferrari store, owned directly by the famous company. Although buying a sports car as a token might seem a bit too much, a Ferrari car model would definitely be appreciated by any car enthusiast.

6. Espresso Cups from Rome
Espresso Cups

Coffee is one of the things that Rome does right. No, not right, perfect. Making coffee is an art in Italy and it's no surprise that the country is home to some of the best coffee machines in the world. Although a coffee machine is definitely a good way to memorate the holiday, it might be not the easiest souvenir to bring back home. A set of espresso cups, on the other hand, is a great gift for any coffee-lover. Any drink tastes better in the right vessel and a surprisingly heavy porcelain cup is a sure way to make your morning coffee even more delicious!