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About Belgium

About Belgium

Nestled between France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Belgium is another great spot for you to include in your European vacation. Well-known by chocolate lovers, Belgium offers a rich diversity in cultures and history. Talking about history, did you know that the very own New York City was founded by a Belgian? Peter Minuit purchased the land of Manhattan back in 1626, how fascinating, right? Once you are here, don't miss out on a visit to the diamond capital of the world - Antwerp and stop by its pride - The Port House, symbolizing the diamond industry rooted deep in Belgium. We could go on and on about Belgian points of interest, and can't wait to put the best of it in your itinerary! Ready?

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Top Attractions in Belgium

Top Attractions in Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Belgian Bruges lulls its guests with its peaceful panorama: beautiful old squares, romantic canals, historic bridges, and plenty of scenic chapels which create the atmosphere of what this medieval wonder is all about.

Brussels, Belgium

The capital of Belgium and the European Union, Brussels, is a perfect blend of the old and the new, offering travelers much to discover.

Market Place, Brussels

Stroll around the splendid Market Place and admire its magnificent architecture while going Brussels sightseeing. Also known by the name of Grand Place, the square is encircled by exceptional examples of lavish architecture.

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All Attractions in Belgium

All Attractions in Belgium